Traces in Startup JCL

When a problem occurs while Connect:Direct® is running, you can use a variety of traces to gather information to diagnose the problem and record events as they happen. Based on the trace specified, the Connect:Direct trace output is directed to various ddnames. For more information on traces, see Isolating Problems.

Connect:Direct provides the following DD statements in the DGAJCONN JCL member as the basic set of DDs to run your system including three automatic traces:
DDNAME Function
DMPUBLIB Connect:Direct Process library
USRINFO Standard display from User exits
NDMLOG Automatic trace to list all initialization parameters read from the INITPARM dataset including obsolete parameters, which are indicated by SITA995I messages, and all modules, along with the last date on which they were modified, and related fix numbers.
ESTAE Automatic trace to capture I/O errors, VTAM connection errors, ABEND control blocks, open and close errors, TCQ/TCX errors on adds and updates, and Statistics File write errors.
RPLERRCK Automatic trace to capture VTAM and TCP/IP send and receive errors.
CDESTAE Supplemental ESTAE Output
CEEOUT Diagnostic messages from Language Environment programs (STDERR).