Utility Programs

IBM® Connect:Direct® provides several utility programs and one I/O exit that facilitate your use of the software. You can perform the following functions using these programs and the exit:

  • Notify the user of Process success or failure using DGADTIFY and DGADTFY2
  • Dynamically allocate data sets using DGADTDYN
  • Place job stream in a wait status for a specified period of time and set return codes indicating whether the batch step or RUN TASK completed successfully or failed by using the DGADWAIT program.
  • Dynamically invoke AMS (Access Method Services) to perform VSAM utility functions using DGADTAMS
  • Resolve symbolic references using DGADTSUB and DGADGSUB
  • Compress and decompress files stored in a ZLIB compressed format (DGASACMP)
  • Determine how many concurrent sessions are running during a specific time period (DGADVITL)
  • Interface with the IBM utility ADRDSSU, by using the IBM Connect:Direct I/O exit, DGADSIOX. The ADRDSSU program enables you to copy SMS-compressed data without having to decompress the data and also provides support for copying wildcard-named files.
  • Replace existing FTP sessions within z/OS job streams with IBM Connect:Direct for z/OS® Processes using IBM Sterling Connect:Direct FTP+ for z/OS (CDFTP).