Using zFBA for File Transfer

Large file transfers can cause performance issues. You can improve large file transfer performance by using the zFBA feature to transfer large files between Connect:Direct zOS and Connect:Direct UNIX.

Utilizing the zFBA feature you can improve performance for large file transfers between Connect:Direct zOS and UNIX because there is minimal TCPIP stack usage in the transfer. This can significantly decrease the CPU utilization in both the Connect:Direct zOS and TCPIP address spaces, as well as decrease the transfer duration.

You must ensure that a wide data bandwidth is in place to allow zFBA devices to maximize benefit from the interface. Smaller files will not benefit from this interface as performance will likely not improve; therefore, it is recommended that you not use the zFBA feature to process smaller files.

For additional information, see z/OS MVS Programming: Authorized Assembler Services Guide, SA23-1371-00 zOS FBA Services