Sample Programs

Sample source code projects help you understand how to use the .Net SDK. To run the samples, place the CdCore.dll and ConnectDirectSdk.dll in your executable path. You can copy these files to the same directory as the sample executables.

The sample programs include:
Sample Type Program Name Description


Console program that connects to a node, submits a Process from a file, and displays statistics for the Process.

Change the $todo tags in Module1.vb to valid variables for your IBM® Connect:Direct® for Microsoft Windows node.




Change the $todo tags in the SDKInterface.cs files for each sample to valid values for the IBM Connect:Direct for Microsoft Windows node.

DotNetSample1 connects to a node, issues a select process, then displays the Process information returned.

DotNetSample2 – Connects to a node, submits a Process and displays the Process and statistics information.