Initialization Errors

This topic describes the causes of common errors, such as inadequate storage or errors in the statistics log, that may occur when you initialize Connect:Direct® for z/OS®.

Note: For all initialization errors related to Strong Password Encryption, see Troubleshooting Possible SPE Problems in the IBM Connect:Direct Secure Plus for z/OS Implementation Guide.

For initialization warnings related to certificate validation checks, see Troubleshooting in the IBM Connect:Direct Secure Plus for z/OS Implementation Guide.

In addition to the initialization errors described in this topic, you may see different error messages in traces, which are also related to initialization:

  • If you receive a return code of 16, initialization terminates and error messages appear in the JES log. The messages inform you if one or more of the initialization parameters cannot co-exist with any of the other parameters specified in the initialization parameters file. IBM Connect:Direct initializes only when you remove the incorrect parameters.
  • If you receive a return code of 4 when you stop IBM Connect:Direct, be sure to review the NDMLOG for SITA995I messages indicating obsolete parameters. Once you remove the parameters, these messages no longer appear in the NDMLOG trace and IBM Connect:Direct ends with a return code of 0. For more information on traces, see Isolating Problems in the IBM Connect:Direct for z/OS Administration Guide.
  • If you receive a return code of 8A in the RPLERRCK trace when you start IBM Connect:Direct and you have multiple TCP/IP stacks defined, the message, No such device or address (STCO999E), appears in the trace. If you have only one TCP/IP stack defined, this is normal and no cause for alarm. If you are in an environment where multiple TCP/IP stacks are defined, you will want to investigate the situation and make sure the correct TCP stack is specified.