Customizing Submit Screens

When you type variables into a submit screen, the IUI builds a SUBMIT command, and the command goes to a dialog for handling. As delivered on the installation tape, the primary IUI panel, DGA@PRIM, directly invokes the IUI submit panel, DGA@UBMT, when the SB option is selected. You can construct a customized submit screen to contain customized submit options. All menus can contain as many choices as screen space permits. To customize the submit function, modify DGA@PRIM to invoke DGA@SM03 instead of DGA@UBMT, when the SB option is selected, and perform the following procedure.

The following general steps are illustrated in an example which describes how to create a custom SUBMIT screen that copies a file to the existing file at another site at noon every day. You are notified when the Process is complete.

  1. DGA@SM03 is a submit menu panel which contains only one menu option that invokes DGA@UBMT. You can modify DGA@SM03 to include new menu selections to invoke the new customized submit panels. This step is explained in Step 1 - Modify the Existing Menu DGA@SM03.
  2. Define at least one general purpose Process to be invoked by the new custom submit screen. This step is explained in Step 2 - Define General Purpose Process.
  3. Provide custom submit screens. These screens:
    • Process variables that are resolved as SUBMITS occurs.
    • Build a command on each screen that communicates with the IUI dialog routines.

      This step is explained in Step 3 - Provide a New Submit Screen.