ARS Record Layouts

To customize ARS reports, modify the ARS reports or develop new reports. Examples include:

  • Change ARS report headings, spacing, field titles, and output format
  • Access additional information from the IBM® Connect:Direct® statistics file to enhance ARS reports or to develop new reports

    The ARS routines do not use all of the IBM Connect:Direct fields in the IBM Connect:Direct statistics records. The SAS Informat variables for these records are located in the $CD.SDGAMAP library. Access the information by the member names listed in the following table.

Note: Use two-character designations for records types when browsing the IBM Connect:Direct statistics file.
Member Name Contents of Member Record Types
DGAAAER Authorization Event Record IU=INSert USER UU=UPDate USER SU=SELect USER DU=DELete USER
DGAACPTR Change Process Termination Record CH=CHange PROCess
DGAACTR Copy Termination Record CT=COPY
DGAADPTR Delete Process Termination Record DP=DELete PROCess
DGAADTR Display Statistics Record SP=SELect PROCess DT=SELect TASK FT=FLUSH TASK SS=SELect STATistics SN=SELect NETmap
DGAAFPTR Flush Process Termination Record FP=FLUSH PROCess
DGAAFMCR PDS Member Copy Record MC=PDS member COPY
DGAAPSSR Process Submit Statistics Record PS=SUBmit statement SW=SUBmit command
DGAAPTR Process Termination Record PT=PROCess
DGAARJTR Run Job Termination Record RJ=RUN JOB
DGAARTTR Run Task Termination Record RT=RUN TASK
DGAASFR Signon/Signoff Statistics Record SI=SIGNON SO=SIGNOFF
DGAASDCR Start IBM Connect:Direct Command Record SD=Start IBM Connect:Direct
DGAASTDC Stop IBM Connect:Direct Statistics Record ST=STOP IBM Connect:Direct
DGAAWTOS Write to Operator (WTO) Statistics Record WT=Write to Operator
Note: The new field ESF submit added in the Copy Termination Record (DGAACTR), Process Termination Record(DGAAPTR), Run Job Termination Record(DGAARJTR), Run Task Termination Record(DGAARTTR). For more details, refer to Extended Submit Facility (ESF).