Key File Parameters

The following table describes the available key file parameters:

Parameter Description Value
hostname The host name of the server with which you want to communicate or the host name of the API you will allow to communicate with your server. The hostname is followed by one or more space characters. If you replace the host name with an asterisk (*) character in the server configuration file, the server accepts a connection from any API with a matching key. You can use only one asterisk per file. Always place the entry with the asterisk after entries with specific host names. 1—16 characters and must be unique within its key file.
MRLN SIMP A required character string, separated from the other fields by one or more spaces. Character string
key The security key. Separate the key from SIMP by one or more spaces. Up to 22 characters long including A to Z, a to z, 0 to 9, period (.), and 
slash (/).
Note: Key values longer than 22 characters do not generate an error; however, only the last 22 characters entered are used. Any characters prior to the last 22 are ignored.