SELECT NETMAP Command Format

The SELECT NETMAP command uses the following format and parameters. The required parameters are in bold print. Default values for parameters and subparameters are underlined.

Label Command Parameters
(optional) SELect NETMAP WHERE (NODE = (node| generic |(list)))

PRint | DISplay

The following table describes SELECT NETMAP parameters:

Parameter Description
WHERE (NODE = (node | generic | (list)) Specifies which network map node definitions you want to examine. WHERE is the only required parameter for the SELECT NETMAP command.

NODE=(node |generic | (list)) specifies the network map node names that are selected. Specify a list of node names by enclosing them in parentheses and separating each by a comma or a blank.

node specifies a node name. The node is a 1–16 character alphanumeric string, with the first character alphabetic.

generic specifies a generic selection of node names. To specify node names generically, type a 1–7 character alphanumeric string, with the first character alphabetic, plus an asterisk (*). For instance, if your network includes node names PHOENIX, SANDIEGO, SANFRAN, and TUCSON, a specification of SAN* provides information about the SANDIEGO and SANFRAN nodes. If you type only an asterisk (*), IBM® Connect:Direct® displays (or prints) all nodes that you are authorized to use.

PRint | DISplay Indicates the output format. Indicate only one.