Displaying an ABEND Message

About this task

Some user ABEND messages are stored in the IBM® Connect:Direct® message file. To access them, insert the ABEND message ID in place of a IBM Connect:Direct message ID.

Note: System ABEND messages appear in the JES log for z/OS. They do not appear in the IBM Connect:Direct message file. Refer to the appropriate operating system manuals if you require further details.

For example, to display the description of user ABEND U0075, perform the following:


  1. Access the PRIMARY OPTIONS MENU in the IUI.
  2. Select the MSG option.
  3. Select option 1.
  4. Type U0075 on the message ID line and press Enter.
                         Connect:Direct MESSAGE DISPLAY
                                                                 DATE => mm.dd.yyyy
                                                                 TIME => hh:mm
      MESSAGE ID==> U0075
      MODULE    ==> DMINIT
      SHORT TEXT==> Connection services initialization failure.
      LONG TEXT:
         LINE 1 ==> An error has occured while initializing VTAM connection
         LINE 2 ==> services. ESTAE output should give a return code and error
         LINE 3 ==> flag.
         LINE 4 ==>
         LINE 5 ==> Verify the applid does not have a password associated with it
         LINE 6 ==> in the LOCAL.NODE definition of the Network Map.
         LINE 7 ==>
         LINE 8 ==> SYSTEM ACTION: ABEND the intialization of the DTF.
         LINE 9 ==>
         LINE 10==> RESPONSE: Verify that the APPLID is varied active and there is
         LINE 11==>           not a VTAM password specified in the Network Map.
         LINE 12==>