Tapemount Exit

The IBM® Connect:Direct® tapemount exit provides an interface to StorageTek Tape Silo Software. If you supply a user exit in the initialization parameters, IBM Connect:Direct invokes the exit prior to a tape VOLSER mount request. Using the return codes resulting from this exit, you can obtain the status of the volumes needed to satisfy the mount request prior to the Tape premount message being displayed. (The TAPE.PREMOUNT = YES | NO | LIST parameter determines if a tape premount message will be displayed or not.) If any volume is not available for the Silo to process, the tape mount request is automatically cancelled and an exit return code of 8 or higher is issued to indicate that the Process is being held in error.

Exit Return Code Explanation
0 The Tape Premount message will be suppressed.
4 The Tape Premount message will be issued.
8 or higher The Mount Process will be “Held in Error.”