Stage 2 Submit Exit

The stage 2 Submit exit control point executes in the DTF address space when a SUBMIT command or a SUBMIT statement is encountered. Observe the following restrictions and requirements:

  • The stage 2 Submit exit is implemented as an executable load module.
  • The name of the load module is user-defined, but cannot conflict with any IBM® Connect:Direct® load module names.
  • Activate the stage 2 Submit exit by specifying SUBMIT.EXIT=(modname) in the IBM Connect:Direct initialization parameters.
  • You must link-edit the module as re-entrant and place it in a load library that the IBM Connect:Direct DTF can access.
  • The module must come from an authorized library.
  • Because information passed to the exit by IBM Connect:Direct is located above the 16 megabyte line, you must link-edit the module with AMODE ANY to make it capable of executing in 31-bit mode.