Create deployment groups for enterprise deployment

Group systems according to their common attributes to determine a set of systems where you can deploy a single package for each Connect:Direct® node in that group. The larger the deployment group, the less work that is required to deploy to all the systems in that group.

The following table provides an example of a starting point for grouping instances of Connect:Direct with common characteristics.
Attributes Group 1 Group 2 Group 3 Group 4
Owning organization IT DEV Test AppDev
Number of systems 2 1 1 2
Operating system Microsoft Windows Solaris Linux Linux
System architecture x86 Sparc x86 x86
Ports 11363, 11364 default (1363, 1364) 31363, 31364 default (1363, 1364)
Initparm Win-Std-Init Dev-Init Test-Init APP1_Init
Netmap Win-Std-Net Dev-Net Test-Net APP1_Net
Userfile IT-General-User Dev-User Test-User APP1_User
XLATE tables na na na APP1_Xlate
Install directory C:\Program Files (x86)\Sterling Commerce\Connect Direct v4.6.00 /development/cdu/cdu001 /test/cdu/cdu001 /appdev/cdu/cdu001
Authorization type ID and password Secure Point of Entry Secure Point of Entry Secure Point of Entry
Certificates Single keycert for all nodes Single keycert for all nodes Unique keycert for each node Unique keycert for each node
Connect:Direct administrator user ID cdadmin cdadmin cdadmin cdadmin