Remote Node Security Feature Definition Worksheet

Make a copy of this worksheet for each remote node defined in the parameters file that you are configuring for Connect:Direct® Secure Plus operations. Record the security feature definitions for a remote node record on this worksheet.

Remote Node Name  
Security Options
  • Protocol defined in the .Local node record (TLS | SSL)

    SSL protocol is deprecated but supported

  • Is the remote node using the protocol defined in the .Local node record? ( Y | N)
    • If you answered No to the question, identify the protocol to use for the remote node (TLS | SSL)
    • Enable TLS protocol (Y | N)
    • Enable SSL protocol (Y | N)
    • To use the same protocol defined in the local node, select Default to Local Node.
    • Enable override (Y | N)
    • Authorization timeout
TLS Protocol Functions
  • Key store location. The default is ...\Secure+\certicficates\cdkeystore.kdb.
  • Certificate label
  • Certificate passphrase
  • Cipher suite(s) enabled
  • Enable client authentication (Y | N | Default to local node)
  • Certificate common name
    Note: If you want to add a second type of security, enable client authentication for the remote node. A third type of security that you can enable is certificate common name validation.
External Authentication
  • Enable external authentication (Y | N | Default to local node)
  • Certificate validation definition