LASTSEQ Parameter

All event records contain a unique timestamp that consists of date, time, and sequence number. Each EVENT SERVICES request is associated with an ID. The IBM® Connect:Direct® CICS API creates a restart record for an ID when an EVENT SERVICES CREATE command is processed.

After an event record is successfully delivered to the Transient Data Queue, its timestamp is saved in the restart file. If event services processing ends abnormally, the restart record is retained. The restart record is also retained when you specify KEEPRREC (keep restart record) in the EVENT START statement.

When an EVENT SERVICES CREATE command is processed, the restart file is searched for a record matching the ID of the CREATE. If a match is found, the date, time, and sequence number of the last successfully delivered event record is returned. When you use the time specification in conjunction with the LASTSEQ parameter, you must include hours, minutes, seconds, and hundredths of seconds in the format

Field Assembler Directive Format Description
Q012TDMX DS XL2 TDEXIT MAX ITEM SIZE - the maximum record size received from the IBM Connect:Direct DTF.
Q012PROC DS CL6 Process number of the latest submitted Process.
Q012TSKY DS CL8 Temporary storage ID - the name of the CICS TS queue that contains the command output.
Q012MSID DS CL8 Message ID returned from the IBM Connect:Direct for z/OS® DTF.
Q012MSTX DS CL64 Message Text returned from the IBM Connect:Direct for z/OS DTF.
Q012DTE DS PL4 Date of the last event acknowledgment.
Q012TME DS XL4 Time of the last event acknowledgment.
Q012SEQ DS XL2 Sequence number of the last event acknowledgment.
Note: DGAQ012 requires that it run in CICS key. For the transaction that executes a program linking DGAQ012, set the following parameters in the CEDA definitions (or in the RDO for that program):
  • TaskDataLoc:ANY
  • TaskDataKey:CICS

If missed event data is required, use this information as the STARTT and LASTSEQ values as in the following example.

Event records beginning after this timestamp are processed.