Configuration Guidelines

Observe the following guidelines when you configure node records imported from the network map:

  • Connect:Direct® Secure Plus protocols are disabled for all records created from the network map when you use Quick Start to populate the parameter file.
  • For all environments, define required settings in the local node record. If desired, you can define optional settings in the local node record and use them in all remote node records.
  • To enable secure connections using IBM Connect:Direct Secure Plus for z/OS®, you must complete the relevant procedure for configuring the local node record in Local Node Record Imported from Network Map Configuration, the relevant procedures in this chapter, and the procedures in IBM Connect:Direct Secure Plus Operation Enablement and Validation.
  • Read all warning and error messages. You can continue configuring the environment without resolving warning messages, but you may be unable to perform secure communications. You must resolve all errors before saving the parameter file.