Miscellaneous Considerations

Review the following miscellaneous considerations before installing the product:

  • Because the standby extended recovery job and the active IBM® Connect:Direct® node use the same VTAM APPLID, TCP/IP address, and port, the standby extended recovery job must run in the same z/OS image as the active IBM Connect:Direct node unless you use the Dynamic VIPA and Dynamic SNA information described in Preparing TCP/IP Configuration and Configuring Extended Recovery.
  • If you copy a file that is in IBM-proprietary compressed format to a new file that is not, IBM Connect:Direct may not allocate enough space for the new file. Such COPYs may experience allocation failures (Sx37 type ABENDs), which will require SPACE to be manually coded in the Process.
  • Scheduling or automated operations packages can result in attempts to process incomplete or empty files. Scheduling packages, such as CA-7, ZEKE, or CONTROL-M and certain automated operations packages, such as CONTROL-O, are often set to start jobs upon a file's closure and an SMF record being cut or based upon specific messages appearing on the system console. When using IBM Connect:Direct for z/OS®, this method of starting jobs can result in attempts to process incomplete or empty files. This situation can occur when an active transfer is interrupted and must be restarted. The receiving file will be closed, but upon Process restart it will be written to by IBM Connect:Direct for z/OS.

    To prevent erroneous processing by such packages, set up Processes with conditional logic to verify that the copy successfully completes, and then use the scheduling or automation package's provided program (U7SVC, ZEKENDM, CTM@IF10) in a IBM Connect:Direct RUN TASK.

  • Checkpointing is ignored when transferring HFS files.
  • IBM C Program Containing MAIN() or Enclave - You cannot execute any IBM C program that contains a MAIN() section or enclave as a Run Task or Exit. FTP is an example of this type of program.
  • LU6.2 Does not Support Redirection of Processes in IBM Connect:Direct/Plex Environment -The LU6.2 connection protocol does not support the feature, which allows the IBM Connect:Direct Manager to redirect work to one of its servers. The remote node must address the server on which you want to run an LU6.2 Process. To do this, specify the node name and VTAM address of the IBM Connect:Direct Server on which the Process is to run in the remote server's network map. Use the same CDPLEX.SERVER.NODE and CDPLEX.VTAM specified for the local initialization parameters for the IBM Connect:Direct Server you are trying to address.

    Another stipulation related to the LU6.2 protocol involves a situation where one of the IBM Connect:Direct servers in a IBM Connect:Direct/Plex environment is communicating with a stand-alone IBM Connect:Direct DTF. In this case, all LU62 processes for this specific node must be directed to the same server and you can use a PLEXCLASS to accomplish this.

  • IBM Connect:Direct cannot transfer LBI files using LU0 connections.