Connect:Direct File Agent Special Considerations

Connect:Direct® File Agent has the following special considerations:

  • Detect when VSAM files are created, but not when they are updated.
  • When watching for a VSAM file, it triggers a Process three times because it detects the creation of the cluster, data, and index portions of the VSAM dataset. To prevent the Process from being triggered unnecessarily, append.DATA to the data set name. To see an example involving a VSAM data file, see the Connect:Direct File Agent help.
  • Connect:Direct File Agent ignores PDSE data sets in a watch directory.

  • Do not use the Search tab on the IBM® Connect:Direct configuration GUI Help when running the GUI as a z/OS batch job. It may terminate the configuration GUI session.
  • To avoid a parsing error when a substitution for a variable would include an open or closing parenthesis, enclose the variable in double quotes.

    For example, if %FA_FILE_FOUND. is to be passed as the Process Argument &DSN, specify the variable as:


Note: Variable values enclosed in quotes must not be concatenated with other values. Any attempt to do this will cause a submit failure or subsequent Process failure.
  • Some Hummingbird Exceed releases do not allow you to close the Help windows.