IBM Connect:Direct User Interfaces

The following user interfaces serve as clients to IBM® Connect:Direct® servers:

  • The IBM Connect:Direct Web Services extends a light and clean Web Console for Connect:Direct users to create, submit, and view Connect:Direct processes from a web browser.
  • Control Center provides a system-wide view of your IBM Connect:Direct servers that enables you to monitor and manage your resources from a central location, including the capability of managing your IBM Connect:Direct server configurations.
  • Command Line Interface allows you to issue IBM Connect:Direct commands and monitor IBM Connect:Direct Processes. CLIs are available in Connect:Direct for Microsoft Windows, UNIX, HP NonStop, and OpenVMS.
  • Some platforms contain panel-driven user interfaces, such as the Connect:Direct for z/OS® ISPF Interactive User Interface.
  • Application programming interfaces (APIs) in IBM Connect:Direct enable customers to tie-in their applications to IBM Connect:Direct.