Managing the Work

After you create Processes, you submit them for execution.

The following illustration shows how a Process executes:

The following table explains the Process steps:

Step Description
Process submitted A user submits a Process from a IBM® Connect:Direct® Process library or from the Connect:Direct Browser User Interface.
Process syntax parsed The parser within IBM Connect:Direct verifies the Process syntax.
Process sent to Transmission Control Queue (TCQ) If the Process passes syntax checking, it is placed in the appropriate work queue according to Process parameters, such as priority, class, and start time. The IBM Connect:Direct work queues are jointly referred to as the TCQ. A Process is in one of the following states in the TCQ:
  • EXECUTION—The Process is executing.
  • WAIT—The Process is waiting until a connection with the SNODE is established or available. Processes in the WAIT queue state may also be waiting for their turn to execute on an existing session.
  • HOLD—Process execution is on hold. The Process may have been submitted with a HOLD or RETAIN parameter. The Process is held on the queue until released by an operator or the SNODE connects with a request for held work. The HOLD queue state also applies to Processes that stop executing when an error occurs.
  • TIMER—The Process was submitted with a STARTT parameter that designates the time, date, or both that the Process should execute. Processes that initially failed due to inability to connect with the SNODE or because of a file allocation failure can also be in this queue state waiting for their retry interval to expire. Such Processes will retry automatically.

A queued Process can be queried and manipulated through IBM Connect:Direct commands such as SELECT, CHANGE, DELETE, FLUSH, and SUSPEND PROCESS. For complete information on the IBM Connect:Direct commands and the various queues, refer to the IBM Connect:Direct user's guide for your platform.

A message indicating that the Process was submitted successfully is created when the Process is placed into the TCQ. The Process statements have been checked for syntax, but the Process may not have been selected for execution.

Process Executes The Process is selected for execution based on Process parameters and the availability of the SNODE.