You can use the Select Statistics screen to select, display, and print statistics information from IBM® Connect:Direct® activities.

To select, display, or print statistics information using the IUI:
  1. Select option SS from the Primary Options Menu to display the Select Statistics screen.                     SELECT STATISTICS
     CMD ==> P
           CMD: S ... SUMMARY TABLE   D ... DISPLAY REPORT    
                P ... PRINT REPORT                                      yyyy.ddd
              ==> ______     ==> ______     ==> ______     ==> ______
           PROCESS NAMES:
              ==> ________   ==> ________   ==> ________   ==> ________
               START DATE    ==> TODAY_____     ( YYYY.MM.DD )
               START TIME    ==> __________     (HH:MM:SSXM)
               STOP DATE     ==> TODAY_____     ( YYYY.MM.DD )
               STOP TIME     ==> __________     (HH:MM:SSXM)
           CONDITION CODE:   ==> __ ________
           EXCLUDE ( MEMBER RECS ==> Y   WTO RECS ==> Y   ^WTO RECS ==> N )
           CHANGE EXTENDED OPTS: ==> N
  2. To access the Select Statistics Extended Options screen, type Y in the CHANGE EXTENDED OPTS field. On the command line, type the command for the output format that you want. The following table describes each option:
    Command Description
    D Display the output on the screen.
    P Send the output to the printer.
    F View unformatted statistic records.
    S Display a two-line summary per statistics record on the screen. See the Statistics Summary figure on Statistics Summary.
    Note: The records from the InterConnect Option are only retrievable through the DISPLAY option.

    The following table lists the statistics record types, their corresponding record type identifiers, and whether they display through the Display Report command, or the Change Extended Opts field of the Select Statistics screen.

    Record ID Description Display Report Change Extended Options
    CE Copy I/O Start   Y
    CH Change Process D Y
    CI Copy Step Start   Y
    CS Statistics Command   Y
    CT Copy Termination D Y
    CX Check Certificate Validity   Y
    DC Directory Commands   Y
    DP Delete Process D Y
    DT Select Task   Y
    DU Delete User   Y
    EI Event Services Start Command   Y
    ET Event Services Stop Command   Y
    EV Event Services Command   Y
    FA IGWFAMS Message   Y
    FI Long File Name Record D Y
    FP Flush Process D Y
    FS Suspend Process D Y
    FT Flush Task D Y
    GO Process Modal - GOTO, ELSE, or EXIT Statement   Y
    HW High Concurrent Session Count   Y
    IA Inquire Statistics   Y
    IB Inquire Debug   Y
    ID Inquire STATDIR   Y
    IF Process Modal - IF Statement   Y
    IP Inquire Initialization parameters   Y
    IT Inquire SNMP Trap Table   Y
    IU Insert User   Y
    IX Inquire IBM Connect:Direct/Plex   Y
    JI Run Job Start   Y
    LF ICO Log File Record   Y
    MC PDS Member Copy D Y
    M2 Multiple Copy Record D Y
    NL Process modal - EIF or PEND statement   Y
    NM NETMAP Updated   Y
    PE IBM Connect:Direct/Plex Error Record   Y
    PI PNODE Process Start   Y
    PR Performance Measurement Record   Y
    PS Process Submit D Y
    PT PNODE Process Termination D Y
    PX IBM Connect:Direct/Plex Activity (Leave or Join IBM Connect:Direct/Plex)   Y
    QE Queue Change to EXEC Queue   Y
    QH Queue Change to HOLD Queue   Y
    QP Queue Change to Process Retention Queue   Y
    QT Queue Change to TIMER Queue   Y
    QW Queue Change to WAIT Queue   Y
    RE ICO Report Record   Y
    RF Refresh/Update initialization parameters   Y
    RJ Run Job D Y
    RO ICO Event Record   Y
    RT Run Task D Y
    SB Session Begin   Y
    SC Statistics Control Record   Y
    SD Start IBM Connect:Direct   Y
    SE Session End   Y
    SF Statistics Format   Y
    SI Signon   Y
    SN Select Netmap   Y
    SO Signoff   Y
    SP Select Process   Y
    SS Select Statistics   Y
    ST Stop IBM Connect:Direct   Y
    SU Select User   Y
    SW Submit within a Process D Y
    D Y
    S2 Statistics Logging Statistics   Y
    TF TCQ Threshold Full   Y
    TI Run Task Start   Y
    TL TCQ Threshold Low   Y
    TP Throughput Record Statistics D Y
    TR Trap Event Record    
    TS Suspend Task   Y
    TW TCQ Threshold Warning   Y
    UM Update Network map   Y
    UU Update User   Y
    VP View Process   Y
    WO WTO D Y
    WS Select Stat Command   Y
    XO Trace On/Off   Y
    ZI SNODE Process Start D Y
    ZT SNODE Process Terminated D Y

    The following screen is displayed if you selected Y in the CHANGE EXTENDED OPTS field.          SELECT STATISTICS EXTENDED OPTIONS
     CMD===> ________________________________________________________________
        RECORD          ==> __     ==> __     ==> __
        TYPES:          ==> __     ==> __     ==> __
        SNODE NAME:     ==> ________________  MESSAGE ID:   ==> ________
        USER ID:
               ==> ________________________________________________________________
               ==> ________________________________________________________________
        SEARCH          ==> ______________________________________________
        ARCHIVED        ==> ______________________________________________
        DATASETS:       ==> ______________________________________________
        SERVER:         ==> ________

    See the SELECT STATISTICS parameters description on SELECT STATISTICS Command for information on how to complete the fields, or press PF1 for Help.