You can use the Advanced Select Statistics (S2) screen to select, display, and print statistics information from IBM® Connect:Direct® activities. The Advanced Select Statistics panel incorporates all fields from both the Select Statistics and the Select Statistics Extended Options panels into one scrollable panel. This makes it easier for those using larger dimension screen sizes to use the dialog. The S2 panel also includes new fields supported by SELECT STATISTICS command specifying the WHERE2 parameter. For more information see, SELECT STATISTICS Command Format. Since Advanced Select Statistics (S2) screen uses The WHERE2 parameter, the S2 Detail report will differ from the SS report by those record types reported differently by WHERE2. Note that there is more information in the help panel for S2.

To select, display, or print statistics information using the IUI:
Select option S2 from the Primary Options Menu to display the Advanced Select Statistics screen.
CD.ART             Advanced Select Statistics      08.30.2018 2018.242 14:13:05
CMD ==> D                                                       AutoSave==> YES

Cmds: S ... Summary Table   D ... Display Report     P ... Print Report
      SAVE  Save Variables  REST  Restore Variables  CLR   Clear Variables

      Start        Stop
      ----------   ----------
Date: __________   __________  (MM.DD.YYYY SU MO TU WE TH FR SA TO YE)
Time: __________   __________  (HH:MM:SSXM)

Process Numbers==> 1 2
Process Names  ==> ____________________________________________________________
Record  Types  ==> CT SB
       /PNODE  ==> ____________________________________________________________
      / SNODE  ==> ____________________________________________________________
     /  From   ==> CD.ART
Node/   To     ==> ____________________________________________________________
Names   Local  ==> ____________________________________________________________
     \  Remote ==> ____________________________________________________________
      \ Submit ==> ____________________________________________________________
       \Any    ==> ____________________________________________________________
Server  Names  ==> ____________________________________________________________
Message IDs    ==> ____________________________________________________________
User    IDs    ==> ____________________________________________________________
File    Names  ==> ____________________________________________________________

Condition Code ==> __ ________

Search         ==> ______________________________________________
Archived       ==> ______________________________________________
Datasets       ==> ______________________________________________

Excl Memb Recs ==> N
Excl  WTO Recs ==> Y
Excl ^WTO Recs ==> N

Case Sensitive ==> Y

DTF Level: 6.00.00