Importing certificates

Complete the following procedure to import root certificates from a Connect:Direct® server into the Control Center truststore:

  1. Locate the existing Control Center truststore or create a new one.
    Note: If you create a truststore, use the configCC.bat or shell script to configure Control Center to use it.
  2. Create a truststore file that contains CA information in JKS format on the Control Center engine.
  3. If a truststore file in JKS format is not available, use the default truststore file (cacerts) in the <Sterling Control Center installation directory>/jre/lib/security directory. This truststore file contains authentication information for most CAs.
  4. Import the root certificate of the Connect:Direct server into the truststore on the Control Center engine. Use the Import to Trust Store feature of IBM® Certificate Wizard.
  5. Configure the Control Center engine for a secure connection.

    For more information about creating a truststore, see the Configure a Secure Connection section of the IBM Sterling Control Center Getting Started Guide.