Converting Two Existing Stand-Alone Server Systems to a Plex Environment

This section illustrates how to convert existing production IBM® Connect:Direct® Stand-alone Server systems into a IBM Connect:Direct/Plex environment with two servers. This configuration takes advantage of the IBM Connect:Direct/Plex single image and workload balancing capability for Processes initiated by this IBM Connect:Direct/Plex environment. This configuration also supports external IBM Connect:Direct systems without requiring any changes to the external systems.

In the following illustration, two separate IBM Connect:Direct Stand-alone Server systems run in a z/OS sysplex environment.

The procedure in this section combines the separate systems into the single IBM Connect:Direct/Plex environment as follows.

In this configuration, the original CD.PROD1 system becomes the IBM Connect:Direct Manager and IBM Connect:Direct Server1. The CD.PROD2 system becomes the IBM Connect:Direct Server2. The IBM Connect:Direct/Plex environment is given the node name CD.PROD1. No changes are made to the remote nodes' network maps. The remote nodes communicate with the IBM Connect:Direct/Plex environment as if they communicated with a single IBM Connect:Direct image.

To create this configuration you must:

  • Define new APPLIDs for the IBM Connect:Direct/Plex environment
  • Use the APPLIDs from the existing CD.PROD1 system in the Server1 local initialization parameters
  • Use the APPLIDs from the existing CD.PROD2 system in the Server2 local initialization parameters

The following illustration shows how the network map and initialization parameter values from the existing IBM Connect:Direct systems map to the IBM Connect:Direct/Plex environment.

This example assumes the following:

  • You are running two production IBM Connect:Direct Stand-alone Server systems: CD.PROD1 and CD.PROD2.
  • The global and local initialization parameter files are located in $CD.PLEX.INITPARM. The JCL that brings up the IBM Connect:Direct/Plex environment is located in $CD.PLEX.JCL. You can either allocate these data sets or use existing data sets in their place.
  • The IBM Connect:Direct/Plex environment identifies itself to external systems with a new node name. Each IBM Connect:Direct Server identifies itself to external systems with the same node name it used as a IBM Connect:Direct Stand-alone Server.