Creating a Process Statement

Every Process begins with a Process statement that defines general Process information. In the Connect:Direct® Browser User Interface, the Process statement consists of five pages of options that define various processing options, such as when and where the Process is submitted, if a user is notified when a task completes, who can run the Process, and symbolic variables to be substituted in the Process.

  1. From the User Functions menu, select Process Builder to display the Process Builder Summary page.
  2. Click to display the Process Builder Process Statement Main Options page.

    Asterisks indicate required fields on this page.

  3. Type a name for the Process.
  4. Type the PNODE for the Process.

    This field already contains the node that you are signed on to. You can change it to any defined node. You do not need to be signed onto the node to specify it.

  5. Select the PNODE platform.
  6. Type the SNODE for the Process.
  7. Select the SNODE platform.
  8. Select another Process Statement option, or click to return to the Process Builder Summary page.