Displaying Initialization Parameter Settings

Use the INQUIRE INITPARM command to view the current global and local initialization parameter settings.

The INQUIRE INITPARM command has the following format and parameter.

Label Command Parameter
(optional) INQuire INITparm WHERE (SERVER=server name)

The INQUIRE INITPARM parameter is:

Parameter Description
WHERE (SERVER=server name) This parameter is optional. This parameter specifies the IBM® Connect:Direct®/Plex server initialization parameters you want to view. The server name parameter is the 1–8 character name assigned to a IBM Connect:Direct/Server by the CDPLEX.SERVER initialization parameter. If you do not specify this parameter, the IBM Connect:Direct/Manager initialization parameters are displayed. You do not need this parameter for a IBM Connect:Direct/Stand-alone Server.

Sample Report

The following figure shows a partial sample report.

node.name         *INQUIRE INITPARM*  DATE: mm.dd.yyyy TIME: hh:mm:ss
                  C:D/Plex  *** MANAGER ** in Group SDWGRP
ABEND.CODES.NODUMP      => (SX37 SX13 U0728 SXD9 S9FC)
ALLOC.CODES             => (020C 0210 0218 0220 0234)
ALLOC.RETRIES           => 3
ALLOC.WAIT              => 00:00:30
CDPLEX                  => Yes
CKPT                    => 0
CKPT.DAYS               => 4
CKPT.MODE               => (RECORD   BLOCK   PDS   NOPDS   VSAM   VSAM)
CTCA                    => No
DATEFORM                => MDY
DEBUG                   => '00003001'
DESC.CRIT               => (2)TBD