Using SIGNON through the IUI

To execute the SIGNON command through the IUI, perform the following steps:

  1. Select IBM® Connect:Direct® from your ISPF/PDF Primary Option Menu. The Copyright and the Signon screen are displayed, unless SIGNON defaults are previously set.
    CMD ==>
    Connect:Direct for z/OS
                            VERSION        : 06
                            RELEASE        : 000
                            MODIFICATION   : 000
                            LEVEL          : 0000
           TODAY IS   : 2018/02/24 (2018.055 )          THE TIME IS: 09:01
                                                                        More:     +
     USER ID  => USER01
     PASSWORD =>
     NEW PASS =>
     NODE NAME =>
     COMMUNICATION ADDRESS =>(       ,                                         )
     TIMEOUT  =>
     Licensed Materials - Property of IBM
     5655-X11 Copyright IBM Corp. 2013,2018
     All Rights Reserved                                   
     IBM is a Trademark of International Business Machines

    The Signon screen indicates the version, release, modification, and Program Update Tape (PUT) levels of IBM Connect:Direct.

  2. Type your user ID and press Enter.

    Depending upon your site configuration, you may also need to type in a password, a new password, node name, transport, communications address, and case sensitivity option before pressing Enter. These parameters are described in SIGNON Command, or press PF1 for Help.

    If you are using the Extended Submit Facility (ESF), the DTF does not need to be active to execute the SIGNON, SIGNOFF, and SUBMIT commands.

    Note: If the Error requesting session, IBM Connect:Direct may be inactive message is displayed, the IBM Connect:Direct DTF is not started.

If your signon is successful, the Primary Options Menu is displayed, unless you have updated your SIGNON defaults to execute an initial command.