Requirements for Copying Files To and From Network Servers

When you are ready to create Processes, be aware that Connect:Direct® allows you to share information across computers. All of the data does not have to be on the server. Observe the following requirements to enable copying files among network servers:

  • Files to copy must reside on a file server accessible by Connect:Direct for Microsoft Windows.
  • You must provide a valid user ID and password for the file server where the files reside. Use a local node ID when you submit a Process on the local node and a remote node ID when you submit a Process on a remote node. Supply information as part of the process statement or the submit command or use the Login Connection Utility to provide this information.
  • If a Process has multiple copy steps, the local node ID or remote node ID parameter must be appropriate for each file server from which, or to which you transfer a file. This method is necessary because the parameters apply to the Process as a whole and not to individual copy steps.
  • Specify the Universal Naming Convention (UNC) form of the file name if the file is not on a drive directly connected to the same Microsoft Windows server as Connect:Direct. If the file is on the Microsoft Windows server where Connect:Direct is installed, you can specify the drive letter. The UNC name format is:
    • The servername is the Microsoft Windows server where data resides.
    • The sharename is the name under which the remote Microsoft Windows server shares the directory you want to access.
    • The filename specifies the name of the file and any subdirectories.