Miscellaneous Events

The following table details other alarm and status events.

Trap Event Description Trap Trigger Short Message Text Type
tracesEnabled A IBM® Connect:Direct® MODIFY DEBUG command is issued. STRA028I IBM Connect:Direct Traces enabled. Status
netmapUpdate Dynamic update of the IBM Connect:Direct NETMAP occurred. SMUP191I IBM Connect:Direct NETMAP file updated. Status
authUpdate Dynamic update of the IBM Connect:Direct AUTH file occurred SAFC005I IBM Connect:Direct AUTH file updated. Status
typeUpdate Dynamic update of the IBM Connect:Direct TYPE file occurred SAFI013I IBM Connect:Direct TYPE file updated. Status
initparmRefresh Dynamic update of the IBM Connect:Direct INITPARM file occurred SITA992I INITPARM Refresh by &userid completed Status
changeProcess A CHANGE PROCESS command occurred. SOPB017I Change Process command by &userid completed. Status
deleteprocess A DELETE PROCESS command occurred. SOPC011I Delete Process command by &userid completed Status
tcqFull TCQ file is full. SPQL001I TCQ File Full Alarm
tcqThreshold TCQ file becoming full. SPQL002I TCQ Full &VAR1% Full. Max.# CI: &VAR2 # Used CI: &VAR3 Alarm
tcqThresholdResolved TCQ is now below the defined threshold. SPQL003I TCQ File is now below the user defined Threshold of%%. Status