Connect:Direct for z/OS EAV support

IBM® Connect:Direct® for z/OS® supports Extended Address Volume (EAV) features at the z/OS 1.12 level.

An EAV is a volume with more than 65,520 cylinders. An EAV increases the amount of addressable direct access storage device (DASD) storage per volume beyond 65,520 cylinders by changing how tracks on extended count key data (ECKD) volumes are addressed. In z/OS 1.12, the largest supported EAV volume is 262,668 cylinders. In z/OS 1.13, the largest supported EAV volume is 1,182,006 cylinders.

To utilize the Connect:Direct for z/OS support for EAV, you need to be familiar with EAV concepts and terminology, such as Track Managed Space (TMS), Cylinder Managed Space (CMS), Base Addressing Space (BAS), Extended Addressing Space (EAS), breakpoint value (BPV) and the default behavior when EATTR is not specified.

For more information on EAV concepts and terminology, refer to DFSMS Extended Address Volumes in the z/OS Introduction and Release Guide, or IBM Redbook DFSMS V1.10 and EAV Technical Guide. For the most recent updates to EAV, see z/OS DFSMS Using the New Functions.

Connect:Direct for z/OS for EAV provides support for the following features:
  • Support for EATTR in COPY statements, TYPE records, and DGADTDYN.
  • Support for 28-bit cylinder numbers in format-3, format-4, format-8 and format-9 DSCBs.
  • Support for any data set type supported by z/OS in CMS.