Precompressing/Decompressing Files Using the Standalone Batch Compression Utility

The Standalone Batch Compression Utility (cdsacomp) enables you to precompress files and then transfer the precompressed files to remote IBM® Connect:Direct® nodes using IBM Connect:Direct Processes. You have the following options for decompressing the files. A file can either be:

  • Decompressed as it is received by the remote node (available on all IBM Connect:Direct platforms)
  • Stored on the remote node and later decompressed offline using cdsacomp (available only on IBM Connect:Direct and Connect:Direct for z/OS®).

Because cdsacomp can be used offline, it allows you to allocate some of the overhead associated with compression to non-peak times. For example, if you need to send the same file to several remote nodes, use this utility so that the file is precompressed only one time. You can also use cdsacomp to determine how much compression can be achieved for a file without having to transmit the file.

The cdsacomp utility is located in the IBM Connect:Direct /bin directory.