When running Connect:Direct® for UNIX with an object store be aware of the following limitations:

Instance is static, not elastic.

File transfers via cloud are not supported by Run Task/Job or other areas that specify a filename.

Depending on the cloud provider, the maximum file size which can be transferred may vary. Refer to each provider to identify the maximum size.

The user should consider the cost associated with the usage of cloud resources.

Storage object does not support the option MOD (modify) for files that are transferred via Connect:Direct. Only NEW or RPL(replace) is supported. Wildcard Copy is not supported over cloud.

If there are multiple versions of the same file present in a bucket/container then only the latest version can be downloaded and not any previous version.

Multipart download is not supported. Multipart upload is supported.

For multipart uploads, a user should consider creating a lifecycle rule to delete incomplete parts for aborted and not restarted uploads. Parts remain on storage and involve an additional cost.

Checkpoint restart can be explicitly configured within a copy step through the ckpt parameter. If it is not configured in the copy step, it can be configured in the Initparms through the ckpt.interval parameter. For more information, refer to Getting Started Guide.