Customizing Connect:Direct for UNIX

The customization script starts automatically after the installation is complete to set up the Connect:Direct® for UNIX operating environment. It is located in d_dir/etc, where d_dir is the IBM® Connect:Direct installation directory, and may be run by itself if needed for future configuration changes. The option you select determines what Connect:Direct for UNIX operating environment is configured: the Connect:Direct for UNIX Server only, the Connect:Direct for UNIX Client only, or the Connect:Direct for UNIX Server and Client.

After you customize the environment, you need to configure Connect:Direct for UNIX for using root privilege to create a Strong Access Control List (SACL) file and to set the owner and permissions of IBM Connect:Direct executables. You must create the SACL file and set the owner and permissions before you can run Connect:Direct for UNIX. See Configuring Connect:Direct for UNIX Using Root Privilege for more information about this process.

The customization script prompts you to begin the customization procedure:

  1. Read the information and press Enter. The customization menu is displayed.
  2. Do one of the following. Be sure to select the same configuration you selected during the installation.