Monitoring FASP transactions

You can view the FASP parameters for a particular message in the Copy Termination Record (CTRC) using the Connect:Direct Requestor Statistics Details grid. For example, you can verify that FASP was used and which port number was used for the FASP transfer.

In the example below, note the following explanations:
  • FASP - Y indicates that FASP was used for the copy step. N indicates FASP was not used. TCP/IP was used.
  • FASP Listen Port - indicates which port number was used for FASP transfer. It is taken from Remote node FASP listen port settings.
  • FASP Filesize Threshold - indicates the filesize threshold setting
  • FASP Chunk Buffer size - size of the FASP buffers
Note: Some values might not be available. See Known Limitations for more information.
FASP Listen Port 20014
FASP Filesize Threshold 1073741824
FASP Chunk Buffer size 16777216