Sending a Message to IBM Connect:Direct Using send_exit_msg() or send_exit_msg_c()

The send_exit_msg() or send_exit_msgc() function enables the user exit program to send a message to IBM® Connect:Direct®. This function returns control to the caller immediately after the message is queued.

Following is the format of the send_exit_msg() function:

int send_exit_msg int exit_flag
	int msg_type,
	char * send_buf,
	int send_buf_len

Following are the parameters for send_exit_msg() or send_exit_msg_c():

Parameter Description Value
exit_flag A flag to specify the sender ID. The only valid value a user exit program can use is EXIT_PROGRAM. EXIT_PROGRAM
msg_type A message name. Messages are requests from IBM Connect:Direct and the associated response from the user exit program. Pointer to message
send_buf A pointer to the memory location of the message to be sent. Pointer to message
send_buf_len The length in bytes of the message to be sent. Length of message

Following are the return codes for send_exit_msg() or send_exit_msg_c(). Return codes for the function are defined in ndmapi.h.

Return Code Description

The message was sent successfully.


An error occurred and the message was not sent successfully. Possible causes include: IBM Connect:Direct terminated or an invalid value is used for the exit_flag or msg_type parameters.