zFBA Error Handing

There are several possible errors that could indicate additional user action is required.

The following errors are possible when using zFBA:

Error SCZF0021

If a COPY statement has ZFBA=2, but the zFBA is not allowed for that process, an SCZF0021 occurs. The following list shows the Reason Text for Error Message SCZF002I.

1 = The INITPARM ZFBA=NO was specified or allowed o default
2 = ZFBA is not supported with SNA or CTCA
3 = ZFBA is not supported with Secure Plus
4 = The Remote node does not support or is not configured for  ZFBA
5 = The Netmap has no entry for the node
6 = There are no ZFBA device range for the node in netmap

If generated, the third line of the message explains why it is not allowed.

535 SCZF002I Not using zFBA for COPY data transport. Reason:
535 SCZF002I No ZFBA device range for node in netmap.

Error SCZF003E

An error occurred in IOSFBA ALLOCATE. The IOSFBA RC and RSN are included in the error message.

Example (message compacted):

13.59.48 JOB09406  SCZF003E ZPUSH1 COPY ZFBA01 (1) SNODE=CD.BOB  020        
   020             SCZF003E Cannot Allocate zFBA devices,RC=0C,RSN=01

The RC and RSN codes can be found in SYS1.MACLIB(IOSFBA).

Error SCZF005E

The FMH 76 is missing or invalid. A reason is included in the error message.

The following list shows the Reason Text for Error Message SCZF005E:

1.	RECV error,or not FM76-L
2.	Device Count ^= 2-10
3.	RCVFM764 Error
4.	RCVFM765 Error
5.	SNDFM764 Error
6.	SNDFM765 Error
7.	Curr Dev^0;FM76-4 RECV not needed
8.	Curr Dev^0;FM76-5 RECV not needed

Error SCZF006E

An error occurred in IOSFBA ALLOCATE in the SNODE in a CD z/OS to CD z/OS transfer. Since the PNODE ran first and was able to allocate the same ZFBA devices, this error is usually caused by the PNODE and SNODE running on the same LPAR (RC=0000000C & RSN=00000001). This error requires that you move a CD z/OS node to a different LPAR.

Example (message compacted):

14.22.14 JOB09417  SCZF006E ZPUSH1 COPY ZFBA01 (1) PNODE=CD.ART  600         
   600             SCZF006E Cannot Allocate zFBA devices,RC=0C,RSN=01