Reinstalling File Agent

Following these steps to install Integrated File Agent after maintenance is applied.

  1. Open JCL utility DGAFAREI which resides in $CD.SDGASAMP.
  2. Provide values for the following input parameters:
    • FADIR - Absolute Directory Path where File Agent is installed and will be reinstalled. This directory should contain the File Agent Installation that needs to be updated/repaired with the latest maintenance fix.
    • CDVER – Connect:Direct Version
    For example, for File Agent located on path /u/FileAgent and connected to Connect:Direct 6.2 version
    //** User Inputs:
    // SET FADIR='/u/FileAgent'
    // SET CDVER='6.02.00'
  3. Submit DGAFAREI JCL. File Agent will be reinstalled.

    The old File Agent Installation will be backed up at location FADIR.bkCCYYMMDDhhmmss, where FADIR is the File Agent Directory Path, CC is century, YY is year, MM is month, DD is day of month, hh is hours, mm is minutes, and ss is seconds. So, if re-installation is not satisfactory, then the old installation can be restored from the backup location.

    For example, for File Agent reinstalled on location /u/FileAgent at mid-night 1st January 2021, the old File Agent will be backed up at location /u/FileAgent.bk20210101000001.

    You will not have to redefine File Agent configuration again after re-installing. The DGAFAREI job will automatically copy the configuration from old File Agent.

    • Before starting the DGAFAREI job, ensure that File Agent is not running, otherwise re-installation may fail, or File Agent may not be reinstalled properly and may be missing some files.
    • Ensure that the user ID used for reinstalling File Agent is the same as user ID, which starts the Connect:Direct. Otherwise, file access related issues may occur during Connect:Direct initialization.