Configure the Local Node Record Imported from the Network Map

The following procedures assume that you populated the parameter file by importing the network map. The Quick Start method creates a remote node record in the parameter file for each remote node record in the network map and a local node record. Using the Quick Start method to populate the parameter file is most efficient if you have a large number of trading partners that use the same protocol. You can enable that protocol in the local node record and because the remote node records are set automatically to Default to Local Node, they inherit the settings of the local node.

Note: The Quick Start method is a one time procedure and if a large number of partner nodes are defined in the NETMAP more storage may be required to save the parameter file. Steps should be taken to ensure the TSO/ISPF region has adequate size.

Depending on how you configure the local node record, you may or may not need to modify the remote node records. You must disable the Connect:Direct® Secure Plus protocols in the records for all remote nodes that do not use Connect:Direct Secure Plus, and update all remote node records that use a protocol that is different from the protocol defined in the local node record.

Use the following procedures to configure the local node record imported from the network map for the SSL and TLS protocols: