Online Cluster

The cluster which has access to the internet is called Online cluster. You may have a Kubernetes or OpenShift cluster and it has access to the internet. The process to get required installation files consists of two steps:
  1. Create the entitled registry secret: Complete the following steps to create a secret with the entitled registry key value:
    1. Ensure that you have obtained the entitlement key that is assigned to your ID.
      1. Log in to My IBM Container Software Library by using the IBM ID and password that are associated with the entitled software.
      2. In the Entitlement keys section, select Copy key to copy the entitlement key to the clipboard.
      3. Save the entitlement key to a safe location for later use.
        To confirm that your entitlement key is valid, click View library that is provided in the left of the page. You can view the list of products that you are entitled to. If IBM Connect:Direct for Unix is not listed, or if the View library link is disabled, it indicates that the identity with which you are logged in to the container library does not have an entitlement for IBM Connect:Direct for Unix. In this case, the entitlement key is not valid for installing the software.
      Note: For assistance with the Container Software Library (e.g. product not available in the library; problem accessing your entitlement registry key), contact MyIBM Order Support.
    2. Set the entitled registry information by completing the following steps:
      1. Log on to machine from where the cluster is accessible
      2. export
      3. export ENTITLED_REGISTRY_USER=cp
      4. export ENTITLED_REGISTRY_KEY=<entitlement_key>
    3. This step is optional. Log on to the entitled registry with the following docker login command:
    4. Create a Docker-registry secret:
       kubectl create secret docker-registry <any_name_for_the_secret> --docker-username=$ENTITLED_REGISTRY_USER --docker-password=$ENTITLED_REGISTRY_KEY --docker-server=$ENTITLED_REGISTRY -n <your namespace/project name>
    5. Update the service account or helm chart image pull secret configurations using `image.imageSecrets` parameter with the above secret name.
  2. Download the Helm chart: You can follow the steps below to download the helm chart from the repository.
    1. Make sure that the helm client (CLI) is present on your machine. Execute/run helm CLI on machine and you should be able to see the usage of helm CLI.
    2. Check the ibm-helm repository in your helm CLI.
      helm repo list
      If the ibm-helm repository already exists with URL, then update the local repository else add the repository.
    3. Update the local repository, if ibm-helm repository already exists on helm CLI.
      helm repo update
    4. Add the helm chart repository to local helm CLI if it does not exist.
      helm repo add ibm-helm
    5. List ibm-connect-direct helm charts available on repository.
      helm search repo -l ibm-connect-direct
    6. Download the latest helm chart.
      helm pull ibm-helm/ibm-connect-direct 
      At this point we have a locally present helm chart and an Entitled registry secret. Make sure you configure the helm chart to use the Entitled registry secret to download the required container image for deploying the IBM Connect:Direct for UNIX chart.