Connect:Direct Web Services Logs

IBM Connect:Direct Web Services creates installation and RESTful API activity logs for tuning and diagnostic purpose.

This section describes four types of log families in Connect:Direct Web Services:
  1. REST API logs

    The REST API log is a repository of error conditions that are detected on each node, as well as operational events such as User Sign-In and Sign-Out.

    To edit for Framework and REST API logs to gather diagnostic information, see Configuring Logs.

  2. AIJ logs

    The AIJ logs contain information that helps you to troubleshoot the connection issues related to CDAIJ and Connect:Direct node. It contains commands issued with results.

    These logs are set to OFF by default, to enable recording AIJ logs, set cdaij.trace to TRUE in

  3. Installer logs

    Help diagnose and troubleshooting installer related abnormal events.

The activity logs are stored inside the following folders located under your installation folder.
Table 1.
Log Family Location

Installer logs





CDWS and AIJ logs