Implementing an IBM RACF Environment

When assembling both the stage 1 signon exit and the stage 2 security exit, you must provide the following DD statements.

  1. For the assembly step, ensure that the SYSLIB concatenation contains the following information:
    //         DD     DSN=SYS1.MODGEN
    //	         DD     DSN=SYS1.MACLIB
  2. Replace $CD with the high-level qualifier for your IBM® Connect:Direct® data sets.
  3. For the link-edit step, provide the following DD statement.
    Note: You must have Assembler H or the High Level Assembler for correct assembly. Do not specify NOALIGN as an option. The correct option is ALIGN.
  4. Observe the following restrictions or requirements:
    • If the z/OS Task Control Block (TCB) Extension Feature is installed, give IBM Connect:Direct update authority to IBM Connect:Direct system files, such as the TCQ and network map. These prerequisites allow IBM Connect:Direct to use the Security Access Facility (SAF) of z/OS.
    • If you are using the IBM RACF PROGRAM ACCESS authority to set up access authority by program name and user ID, define the program name DMGATTIS to IBM RACF for IBM Connect:Direct.