Cross-Domain Signon Environment

The cross-domain signon environment is an extension of the Trusted Node Security feature. This feature enables you to easily identify whether a signon is entering from an internal or external node.

You can use the same network map parameters for cross-domain Trusted Node Security as the node-to-node Trusted Node Security enhancement, for example, EXTERNAL or INTERNAL in the adjacent node definition. The SQEXTSGN bit in the security exit Control Block (SQCB) designates this feature.

When a cross-domain signon is entering from a node defined as EXTERNAL in the local node network map definition, the SQEXTSGN bit is on when the security exit gets control during signon processing. You can then modify the security exit to take whatever action is appropriate for that installation.

The DGASECUR macro, included in the $CD.SDGASAMP library, contains the code to implement this enhancement. The lines of code with 117200 identify the Trusted Node Security feature in the cross-domain signon environment.