Storage Requirements in a IBM Connect:Direct Plex Environment

In a IBM® Connect:Direct® Plex environment, additional storage is allocated based on the number of servers that the IBM Connect:Direct Manager can support. The maximum number of servers that a IBM Connect:Direct manager can support is 32. The IBM Connect:Direct Manager allocates approximately 510K above the 16 MB line for each server, regardless of whether the server is active or not.

Note: The IBM Connect:Direct Manager allocated storage to support and manage 32 servers, which is not needed for most environments resulting in inefficient usage of storage space. The CDPLEX.MAXSERVER global initialization parameter will control the maximum number of servers with the default being 4. If you have more than 4 servers in your environment, you must specify the number needed or you will receive an error. For more information, see Condition: Server Initialization Error (SXTA101I) with ABEND U1024 and the information on the CDPLEX.MAXSERVER parameter in the IBM Connect:Direct for z/OS® Administration Guide.

To calculate the amount of virtual storage above the line allocated for the queue holding the statistics records, the IBM Connect:Direct/Plex Manager multiplies the value for the STAT.QUEUE.ELEMENTS global initialization parameter by the maximum number of servers. If the resultant calculation is less than 5000, 5000 is used. If it is greater than 10000, 10000 is used. Each element takes 2048 bytes of storage.

Check the REGION parameter on the job card and specify REGION=0M.