How to Troubleshoot the TCQ

IBM® Connect:Direct® provides several ways to recover from a system malfunction associated with a TCQ problem.

The TCQ/TCX Repair Utility, DGADTQFX allows you to solve corruption problems related to the TCQ/TCX data sets without having to cold start the DTF and reinitialize the TCQ. The DGADTQFX batch program retains the original TCQ/TCX data sets used in production, and creates a new validated copy of the TCQ by removing all invalid Processes. The DGADTQFX utility can also be used to create a TCQ and TCX for pre-version 4.6 IBM Connect:Direct. Processes that are larger than 64 KB (the pre-version 4.6 Process limit) are removed from the new TCQ and TCX when the BACKLEVEL parameter is used.

Note: The DGADTQFX utility builds a new TCX/TCQ pair with increased CISIZEs to hold larger Processes.