SIGNON Parm Options

When the DGADBATC parameter nine enables the MAXDELAY Restart, it also enables new SIGNON command parameters, MAXWAIT and MAXRETRY. These parameters control how often and how many times the API attempts to restart a failed API session while monitoring a MAXDELAY process when the ninth DGADBATC EXEC is set to Y.

MAXRETRY defines the number of attempts to restart the API session if a session failure occurs after a successful SUBMIT using MAXDELAY. If the failure occurs before SUBMIT returns the Process name and Process number, no restart will be attempted. If the MAXRETRY count is exhausted without successfully restarting the session, DGADBATC terminates with MSGID=SCIB024I. The value for nn has a range of 1 to 20, with a default value of 3.

MAXWAIT defines the interval of delay between restart attempts after a failed API session. The value for nn specifies seconds to wait and has a range of 0 (no wait) to 60 (1 minute), with a default value of 10 seconds.


SIGNON USERID=(joe,joepwd) -                                          
      MAXRETRY=nn    -