Process Routing

The RETAIN, HOLD, and STARTT parameters route Processes as described in the following table:

Parameters Queue Comments
None Wait Process remains on the Wait queue until IBM® Connect:Direct® can start a session with the SNODE at which time it moves to the Execution queue.
RETAIN=INITIAL Hold Process automatically executes each time IBM Connect:Direct is initialized with TCQ=WARM.
RETAIN=YES Hold A copy of the Process is kept in the Hold queue after it has executed. The Process does not execute again until it is released by a CHANGE PROCESS command.
HOLD=YES Hold Process remains in the Hold queue until someone releases the Process.
HOLD=CALL Hold Process is automatically moved from the Hold queue to the Wait queue when the SNODE contacts the node on which the Process resides.
STARTT Timer When the scheduled time and date arrive, the Process is put on the wait queue and is available for execution.

RETAIN=INITIAL is useful for Processes that contact other IBM Connect:Direct nodes each time IBM Connect:Direct completes initialization. This action causes any work queued on the remote node for the local node to begin. The DGAPHTBT sample Process allows you to test if IBM Connect:Direct is running on a SNODE without actually running a Process on the node. For more information, go to the IBM Connect:Direct for z/OS® Administration Guide, search for Maintaining the Network, and read the note on the DGAPHTBT Process.

You can use RETAIN=YES combined with STARTT to run a Process at a periodic interval. For example, RETAIN=YES and STARTT=(Tuesday, 3pm) starts the Process every Tuesday at 3 pm; RETAIN=YES and STARTT=(,12:00) starts the Process each day at noon.
Note: The RETAIN process parameter has no relationship to the PROCESS.RETENTION initialization parameter.

The Timer queue is also used for session retry and file allocation retry based on IBM Connect:Direct initialization parameters specified by a particular installation. When retry limits are exhausted, the Process is moved to the Hold queue with a WC (hold queue, waiting connection) status for session retry.

Note: For allocation failures to be requeued, you must set the REQUEUE initialization parameter to YES so that the Process is placed in the HO RA (HO = Held by Operator, RA = Held for Restart Due to Allocation Error) queue.