Modifying and Submitting a Process Using the DF IUI Option

To modify a Process using the ISPF editor and submit the Process to the DTF:

  1. Choose option DF from the Primary Options Menu to display the Connect:Direct PROCESS DEFINITION screen.
  2. Type the member name of the Process.
  3. Verify the library location and press Enter.

    The PROCESS LIBRARY NAME field is required. If the member is located in the IBM® Connect:Direct® PUBLIB, type the library name that is displayed in the PUBLIC PROCESS LIB field in the PROCESS LIBRARY NAME field.

  4. After IBM Connect:Direct displays the Process in ISPF edit mode, make the desired changes.
  5. Press PF3 to return to the PROCESS DEFINITION screen.
  6. Specify case sensitivity. Case sensitivity applies to the SUBMIT command and the Process.
  7. Take one of the following actions: