MAXDELAY Restart allows the API to respond to API session failures while waiting for a MAXDELAY Process to complete and is only valid for processes submitted with the MAXDELAY parameter and activated using new DGADBATC PARM values. Without the new PARM values, there is no change in behavior for MAXDELAY or the API.

When activated with the new DGADBATC PARM values, the C:D Server will return Process name and Process number immediately for processes submitted with the MAXDELAY parameter. The API monitors process execution using Select Process commands until the process is no longer active in the queues. When the process is no longer in the queues, the API issues a Select Statistics command to determine process disposition.

Depending on process disposition, the MAXDELAY parameter requested, and DGADBATC PARM options, the API will either proceed to the next command or issue commands to delete the process and terminate the API session.

If a API session failure occurs while monitoring the MAXDELAY process, the API will attempt to restart the session then continue monitoring the process. API session restarts are controlled by new parameters specified or defaulted from the SIGNON command.