COPY Statement Overrides for Connect:Direct Secure Plus Defaults

By using the COPY statement's SECURE parameter in a IBM® Connect:Direct® Process to override the settings in the Connect:Direct Secure Plus parameter file and enabling the override feature in the remote node record, you can disable security for a particular file transfer. Connect:Direct Secure Plus uses the most secure connection available. Therefore, if the remote node record enables encryption, the PNODE cannot turn those options off using the COPY statement override.

After the security settings of the PNODE and SNODE are merged, the strongest setting is always used. Therefore, the value specified from the COPY statement cannot disable data encryption or digital signatures if the SNODE has enabled them.
Note: Secure=(Encrypt.Data = Y|N) will be ignored by process and process steps even if user provides multiple SECURE subparameters. Also, it will issue separate information message (CSPA052I) for Secure=Encrypt.Data=Y|N.

In an SSL or TLS environment, the following syntax example shows the options available for the SECURE keyword in a COPY statement (for the destination file that you are copying to):