CLI Commands

Refer to the following table for a description of the command options and sample command entries:

Option Description Value Sample Command Entry
-P Identifies the custom string to use at the command line prompt.

If the prompt string includes spaces or special characters, enclose it in single or double quotation marks.

The prompt string can also be specified in the ndmapi.cfg file. If a prompt string is specified on the command line and in the ndmapi.cfg file, -P takes precedence.

When the default prompt (“Direct”) is overridden, the new prompt string is shown at the command line prompt and in the welcome banner display.

text string

Up to 32 characters.

$ direct -PNewPrompt

$ direct -P”Test CD on Medea”

-s Suppresses standard output. Use this option to view only the completion status of a command. none $ direct -s
-t n Enables the CLI/API trace option. The level number, n, identifies the level of detail in the trace output. 1 | 2 | 4

Specify one of the following level numbers:

1—Provides function entry and function exit. This is the default.

2—Provides function entry and exits and basic diagnostic information, such as displaying values of internal data structures at key points in the execution flow.

4—Enables a full trace. All diagnostic information is displayed.

$ direct -t 4
-e nn Defines the error level above which the CLI automatically exits. If the returned error code is greater than the error level specified, the CLI automatically exits.

Use this command within shell scripts.

This parameter prevents unwanted execution of commands following a command that generates an error above the specified level.

When the CLI terminates, it returns a UNIX exit code that can be tested by the shell.

0 | 4 | 8 | 16

Valid values in the error level code are:

0—Indicates successful completion.

4—Indicates warning.

8—Indicates error.

16—Indicates catastrophic error.

$ direct -e 16
-n name Identifies the host name of the computer where the IBM® Connect:Direct® server (PMGR) is running.
Note: Invoking direct with -p or -n overrides the settings in the ndmapi.cfg file.
IBM Connect:Direct host name $ direct -n hostname
-p nnnnn Identifies the communications port number for the IBM Connect:Direct node.
Note: Invoking direct with -p or -n overrides the settings in the ndmapi.cfg file.
1024–65535. The format is nnnnn. $ direct -p 2222
-x Displays command input on standard out. Use this command when debugging scripts. none $ direct -x
-r Makes the Process number available to user-written shell scripts. The CLI displays a special string, _CDPNUM_ followed by a space, followed by the Process number. none $direct -r | grep “_CDPNUM_”
-h Displays command usage information if a IBM Connect:Direct command is typed incorrectly. none $ direct -h
-z Appends a newline character after a prompt. none $ direct -z